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Old Church Pew Restoration

What we started withFor as long as I can remember, this pew sat on the front porch of our old farmhouse in Michigan. The house is falling down, but I was able to save some furniture. This pew was begging to be saved and restored.


Weather worn

Time had not been kind to this pew but she wasn’t giving up without a fight.

Split and cracking but remarkably solid.

We knew this restoration was going to work.





Nail spacing


The nails looked like a zipper! The spacing was amazingly even.






16" wide oak

When we took it apart we found that the sides were one solid piece of oak. 16″ wide.  You just don’t find wood like that any more. The restoration would highlight this feature.


Old and dry

The wood was old and dry, the finish was mostly gone. Pretty easy to sand out.  We were trying to clean it up, not make it look new.






Pew 6


When I had sanded it down, we painted the sides satin black. Again, we left the scrapes, dings and dents. We want it to look good, not new.





Finished!The finish is 2 coats of Minwax Early American followed by 3 coats of satin Poly. If you look closely you can see the chew marks on the top edge of the seat back where a porcupine got hold of it.

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